• Kuehn / Rist Marriage

    My Genealogy Research started in the late 1970's by talking with my Grandmother about her old pictures. Read More
  • Anton and Lena Rist's Family - ca 1912

    My Grandmother Clara was the eldest of seven farmer's daughters. Read More
  • Joseph and Mary Roettgen Family

    This family group photo taken about 1912. Gertrude Roettgen is third from left in back row. Read More
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Latest News - Work in Progress!

This Site Is Under Construction! The overall site is being redesigned to include this new Front Page, and better focus on my Ancestors. Right now some of the links on this and other pages are temporary.  Most Images also need to be remapped to the articles!


Place Holder Example with hidden data only showing on Tablets to show info based on device.

See FHWC Blogs


  • RokSprocket

  • RokBooster

    RokBooster is an advanced performance plugin, that will compress and collate CSS and JavaScript.
    RokBooster also provides data URL conversion for Fonts as well as inline or background images, which converts files to inline data.
    It reduces the HTTP calls count as well as the data load size, dramatically increasing site speed.
    RokBooster provides an extensive array of control options, to set all the compression variables through one interface, providing individual enabling and configuration.
  • RokBox

    RokBox is a fully responsive, multi-media modal input "pop-up" plug-in for the Joomla CMS.
    The essence of RokBox is data-sets placed in hyperlinks. Inside the hyperlink, data-sets generate JavaScript which produce a stunning modal canvas for a variety of media.
    RokBox has a number of different data-sets, each with a specific meaning and all optional with the exception of "data-rokbox" which is used to activate the RokBox plugin.
    RokBox also has a built-in editor button that generates RokBox snippets for your Joomla Content, whether HTML or WYSIWYG. Available for Articles and Custom HTML Modules.
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