The website is a private family website with much of the content restricted to persons who are related to the website owner. Some information about deceased individual is visible to the general public in the Genealogy Database. This database is provided as a service to private individuals who are searching their family histories and who may be related to the website owner. Private individuals may use this data consisting of names, dates and places in their private research as long as it is not uploaded to a commercial website, and they attribute this website as their source.

Some content on this site such as photos, images, event and source details is not viewable to the general public. Persons related to one or more of the individuals located in the Genealogy Database, can request a user login id. All content and images accessed by visitors on this site remain the property of the website and should not be reproduced without permission.

Registered users once logged in will have access to images, events and source details, etc. A registered user can use this information to supplement their private research, however, such use does not include the publication and/or distribution of content and images obtained from this website without prior permission and proper attribution. This includes not placing information obtained from this website on a commercial website such as, etc.

Obtaining Permission

Much of the information on this website has been obtained from fellow family genealogists, and I have tried to be diligent in providing attribution to those who have provided information and/or images. Likewise, I am willing to share the results of my research with others and will often provide permission when requested from a related family member. I just ask that you request permission and we agree on the how the information will be reproduced and attributed.

To request Permission, just use the Contact Us link and specify in your request who you are, your email address, and what information you would like to reproduce. Users who reproduce content and images from this website without permission will be disabled from access, and steps may be taken to have such information removed from commercial sites.