Seei Family Reunion

Update!   The Seei Reunion was a success according to my sister.  The separate website for has been deleted, and integrated back into my overall TNG database. And the The Seei pictures can now be found at:

Note, the old login credentials will not work, but if Seei Family members contact me I will set them up with access permissions to both areas.  

In March/April timeframe I was talking with my sister Kathy who lives in the Dallas area. She mentioned an upcoming family reunion for her husband's Seei family, so I asked about the data that I had once included in my online genealogy website. She had some interested in restarting it. So I created a subdirectory to host her family history data. 

As it happens, I am currently on a mission to reorganize my 35,000+ digital images managed by Apple Aperture as it is no longer being developed, and I have already bought Adobe Lightroom, but have not spent the time to make the transition.  So where I once had only a handful of large databases pointed to referenced files, I am creating many smaller databases, and relocating the referenced files to make the transition easier to Lightroom.  This has taken longer than I anticipated, but I am almost complete in removing duplicates and labeling her family photo images so that I can re-add them to her site.

Reconciling Roettgen Source Citations

Last month after returning from a Family reunion in St. Louis, I decided to implement a more disciplined method to reconcile my source citations. Citations had always been entered somewhat haphazardly in the past using Legacy 7, and with database merges from using FamilyTree software, additional problems occurred. In 2012 I decided to use a Mac Genealogy Software program called Reunion - and I liked it's user interface and additional capabilities to capture information. Unfortunately I could never get citations from Reunion to show on my kuehnfamily database the way I wanted. And I missed many of the database utilities available in marking and controlling GECOM exports in Legacy. So earlier this year after purchasing the upgraded Legacy 8 program, I decided to switch back. And citations were messed up further with many duplicates. I said I would correct them - but that has proven to be a huge task. So I decided this past month to a more disciplined approach! Focus on one Ancestor's line and work backward!

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William Edward Bersett Ancestors


William Edward Bersett was the only descendant of John M Berset (1845-1883) and Emma M. Claus (1850-1885) that survived to adulthood, married and had children.  Annual Bersett Family Reunions were started more than 60 years ago to keep the family together.  Much of the information obtained about William's ancestors was gathered at these reunions, but we have not been able to complete research beyond William's parents.

The diagram at left is the extent that we have found William Bersett's ancestors.

From the Family Bible, we know that John M. Berset and Emma M. Claus married on 23 Nov 1870 in St. John's Church in St. Louis, Missouri.  They had six children:
1. John Nicholas Berset, b: 7 Oct 1871, d: 6 Jul 1885,
2. Frank Theophile Berset, b: 10 Jan 1874, d: 9 Feb 1893,
3. Nicholas Lawrence Berset, b: 5 Aug 1876, d: 1 Feb 1888,
4. Emma Victorine Berset, b: 5 Jul 1878, d: 18 Feb 1908,
5. William Edward Berset, b: 10 Oct 1880, d: 2 Dec 1949,
6. Mary Berset, b: 21 Jan 1883, d: 24 Jul 1884.

We believe that John M. Berset emigrated from Switzerland to the USA with his parents, probably sometime in the early to mid 1860s. No documented record has been found that verify his parents were Pierre Marselais and Maria Katharina Berset. And we believe that he had brothers and sisters who also lived in the St. Louis area. Information that substantiates these beliefs are included in separate articles.

We believe that Emma M. Claus may have arrived in the USA in the late 1860s, and she is found in the 1870 U.S. Census as a Domestic Servant, age 19, born in Germany. In 1880 census, married to John, she is listed as being from France. And her death record in 1885 lists her as being born in the USA.  So exact nationality is not known.  But we suspect that she may have been from the Alsace-Lorraine area which was often listed as being part of Germany until World War I.  No record of her parents have been found.

More information will be posted, but it will require you to be a registered user.


More Progress in Brüggen Ancestors

My friend Werner has been finding some additional information on the Wilms-Seulen family including brothers and sister to my 3x-Great-grandfather Johann Wilhelm Wilms (1811-1894) who was born in Oebel, Brüggen, Germany.  He married Maria Catharina Gerecht from Brüggen 26 Oct 1838 and they had two daughters:  Helena and Anna Helena.  Helena died as an infant, but her younger sister Anna Helena married Johan Joseph Kever, and together with four children and her father emigrated to Missouri, USA in September 1882.

It has been an interesting journey - made more interesting since some records are in German and others are in French.  After Napoleon conquered the Brüggen area around 1802, French became the official language for awhile.  I owe all of the success in finding these records to Werner, who has been a great help and inspiration the past couple of years.  

Here is part of what he sent me today:

I have found Children of the family Wilms Seulen.

1 bapt. 25 Apr 1806 Anna Gertrud sponsors: Wilhelm Seulen and Anna Maria Seulen she is the wife of Theodor Deutges

2 bapt. 30 Apr 1808 Johann Gerhard Godfather: Gerhard Clumpges and Mary Hamechers

3 bapt. 4 Feb 1811 Johann Wilhelm godfather Anton Seulen and Ursula Kueppers

4 bapt. 3 Feb 1813 Conrad died: 03.29.1813 godparents: Peter Wilhelm Wilms and Helena Engels

In the church book Johann Wilms and Anna Maria Seulen got married in church Born. ...