• Anton and Lena Rist's Family - ca 1912

    Anton and Lena Rist's Family - ca 1912

    My Grandmother Clara was the eldest of seven farmer's daughters. Read More
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Website News

Website Refreshed and Update In Progress

I have finished moving and updating the CMS part of my Website. In the past I have used Joomla as my CMS of record. I tried Wordpress, but have consistently found that Joomla provides the functionality I need most.  As part of this site's redesign this month, all instances of Wordpress have been to removed , and the main site continues to use Joomla for all parts except the database. The only thing missing in Joomla is a good commenting capability, but you can submit comments or questions by using the About-Us > Contact Form.

Most of the comments I do receive, are received from this public TNG Database. The link to the Database shows up in the Top Right Corner of this Website. It uses a program I have been using for over 11 years, called "The Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building" - commonly referred to as "TNG". It is indexed by Google, based on public vital statistics information available to users not logged in. So if you were to do a Google Search for "Ludwig Kühn Ötigheim", my website, and my Find-A-Grave entry should be two of the top hits.  Users with login capability, do see additional information such as events and sources.

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